Apple to start selling iPad in China July 20

Apple's iPad is arguably the most popular tablet on the market, so it's a great gift for moms who don't already have one.
The new Apple iPad.

(CBS/AP) Apple will start selling the iPad in China on July 20, after settling a dispute with Chinese electronics manufacturer Proview over the ownership of the tablet computer's name.

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Apple was in legal battle with Proview over whether or not an agreement made between Apple and Proview's Taiwan subsidiary was legal. Apple claimed the trademark was sold to the UK-based company IP Applications, which then sold to Apple in 2010.

Proview claimed the transaction was made by its Taiwan subsidiary, not the Shenzhen-based subsidiary. Apple claimed Proview's Taiwan subsidiary was acting as a representative for the Shenzhen subsidiary.

Proview went as far as filing a complaint against Apple in a California court. The battle between the two companies swept China and escalated to the point of Apple pulling iPads from Chinese retailers. Mainland China eventually got approval to sell the popular tablet soon after the new iPad was launched in March, however the dispute with Proview delayed the release date.

Apple paid a Chinese company $60 million to gain the rights to the iPad name, a Chinese court said on July 2.

Apple Inc. says it will begin selling its latest iPad starting at $499 and the older iPad 2 starting at $399. The tablet computers will be sold online, at Apple stores, and through approved resellers.