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​Apple Pay in the driver's seat: Mobile payments for gas, parking tickets on horizon

New York City is trying to make it easier for people to pay their parking tickets. According to MarketWatch, the city's finance department is looking to offer offenders a way to use mobile payment systems such as Apple Pay to settle fines.

The parking bureau is reportedly researching options like a mobile interface that would let drivers take a picture of their ticket or scan its barcode with their smartphones, and pay with a single click. Right now, tickets can only be paid by mail, in person, or by credit card via an old and somewhat clunky online system.

In other good news for car-and-iPhone-6 owners, Chevron seems to have leaked word of its own plans to bring Apple Pay to the pump in 2015.

The company sent a tweet to a customer Monday saying that they are working with Apple to "develop solutions to integrate with Apple Pay at the pump by early 2015." A couple hours later, that tweet was edited to say that "a timeline is not set" for the adoption.

Chevron is already among the hundreds of thousands of stores that accept Apple Pay, though it can only be used at the register, not outside at the gas pumps themselves. The company confirmed that it is working with Apple to expand the service.

The move from inside to outside at Chevron stations, and NYC's push to leverage the technology to collect fines, may herald the next wave of mobile payments beyond the traditional point of sale.

An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that a tweet had been removed from the Chevron Twitter page. The tweet is still live and the article has been updated with this change.

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