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Apple iOS 5 reviews from around the web


(CBS) - Hey Macheads, iOS 5 is here and we've rounded up reviews, discussions and tweets to give you insight on Apple's new mobile operating system.

While some of you have been in download hell, others have been floating on cloud nine. This software update has some amazing new features like iMessage, Siri and the new camera update.

iPhone 4S to hit the market tomorrow... Oh, the anticipation!
Apple to launch iMessage on Wednesday, forget texting

CNET's Jason Parker, who wrote an in-depth review of iOS 5, was generally impressed with the update. He argues that over-the-air is the most noteworthy change and we couldn't agree more.

"Overall, iOS 5 is a worthy upgrade with some huge new features, several useful tweaks, and smaller additions that may not have as big of an impact on how you use your iOS device," said Parker.

Engadget's Dante Cesa is satisfied with the updated operating system.

"With gripes like notifications and wireless sync behind us, Apple's been able to hone in on breaking new ground with features like Siri, iCloud and iMessage - all in an extremely refined way."

Cult of Mac's John Brownlee agrees with Steve Jobs that we're entering a "post-PC world." He goes on to say, "iOS 5 proves that the cord can be cut between the PC and your iPhone, and iCloud is the scalpel." That's a bold statement. We feel it's a little early to make that judgement, but we do agree cloud computing is the next logical step.

Reactions from the Twitterverse have been positive and give insight into the stress on the Internet because of iOS 5 downloads.

"Loving the new iOS 5, another great day to be an iPhone owner :D," tweeted JBreen09.

"Ten tries, 11 hours, phone in frozen restore loop and unusable. Now ios 5 is installed and I'm in smartphone heaven!" tweeted mtch654.

"Just installed iOS 5, my apps are being restored. And I have to say... iOS 5 is incredible. Really amazing. Big changes," tweeted Gleek4Finchel.

It looks like iOS 5 traffic has a few innocent victims, as well.

"Sorry for the brief outage - it looks like two servers buckled under the load of so many apps redownloading all content from iOS 5 upgrades," tweeted the folks at article-saving service Instapaper.

Not everyone was so lucky, however. USA Today's Edward C. Baig encountered several errors, and had to restore to factory settings before successfully updating to iOS 5. 

According to the International Business Times, "When users were trying to upgrade to the iOS 5, the servers came out with some error messages such as 'Error 3200' and 'Error 3004' that refers to iTunes not being able to connect with Apple's update server."

Good luck downloading, everyone!

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