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iPhone 4S to hit the market tomorrow... Oh, the anticipation!

iPhone 4S has arrived, sort of

(CBS) - See the photo above of the iPhone 4S? No, it's not mine, gosh darn it! It's Instagram user trealog's new mobile device. The caption: "iPhone 4S EARLY." Show off.

So where is mine, you ask? Well, my boyfriend and I got up early like the rest of you on Thursday, October 6. We called AT&T, our service provider, to get two phones around 7:30 a.m. (We could've ordered online, but we figured we may run into issues since we were also upgrading to a family plan. It would've been a complicated order.) We waited about 45 minutes until we actually got a human on the phone. The ordering process took about another 45 minutes. It seems, they were having technical difficulties. To make a long story short, they had accidentally charged my boyfriend's credit card three times. Oh, great.

Even still, we remained calm - we will dispute the charges later if they post. We just wanted to get the call over with, pre-order and move on with our lives, that's all. Around 9:15 a.m., we were done with the phone call, and assumed our new iPhone 4Ses would arrive within a week. 

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Tomorrow marks that day. We've been skeptical since we didn't receive an order confirmation in our emails. What gives? My boyfriend called AT&T to follow up and discovered our orders - for whatever reason - have been delayed. It seems we're not getting our iPhone 4Ses tomorrow after all. Instead, a note in our emails told us we should expect our shipment within 21 to 28 days. Oh, the horror!

But we're happy for the rest of you, who are getting your iPhone 4Ses tomorrow or at the very latest, early next week. Yes, many of you are way luckier than us, say these tweets of joy:

"@UPSHelp My iPhone 4s is shipped but currently in Asia. Would I be foolish to expect it to be delivered tomorrow? (I'm in Canada.)" -CoutureCreative

"Funny how I just spent over 1 hour upgrading when I'm getting a iPhone 4S tomorrow with it already installed." -jamestucker

"OMG OMG OMG I Just received a text from Orange saying my iPhone 4s is being Delivered Tomorrow!!!!! EKKKKKKKKK" -syjohngibbons

Rub it in, why don't you?!

iPhone 4S has arrived, sort of

We do, however, have to give plenty of props to the folks who are camped out at Apple stores nationwide, waiting for their iPhone 4Ses. Some, like the Apple fans featured on the "iPhone Whatever" blog, have been sleeping outside Apple joints since September 26. Now that's dedication!

Here's Keenan and Jessica (pictured left) on their 13th day of waiting at the Apple store in New York City's Fifth Avenue. We are assuming their happiness is due to the fact that the store will open its doors - tomorrow to be exact - to hand them the gadget they've been waiting for.

We're glad you guys can finally go home and enjoy Siri, iOS 5 and all of the other wonderful features the iPhone 4S brings. 

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If you didn't get in line like Keenan and Jessica (who are sponsored by "reCommerce" service Gazelle), or pre-order like everyone else, there's still a way for you to get your hands on an iPhone 4S tomorrow, but it'll cost you. You can be the first in line at the Apple store on Fifth Avenue if you fork over $5,000 (or more) for eBay seller golddragon888hans' auction. The genius seller has been staked outside the store since October 5. "My friends are being sponsored and aren't selling their joint position as first in line, and they have been here since September 26," says golddragon888hans. The friends are the masterminds behind the "iPhone Whatever" blog.

"I agreed to join my friends on line when I was asked because it seemed like a unique opportunity to turn the Apple tradition of waiting for the new product release into an interactive event which could be shared with everyone as it was being experienced in a way that would never be experienced by most," golddragon888hans explains. "Since I don't have the means to purchase or even maintain an iPhone, my intention was to absorb the experience fully, contribute to it in any way I can and then either step aside when the time came for the iPhone release or give my place in line to someone who was also excited about being part of the Apple experience and wanted to buy my spot."

As of now, there are about six hours of bidding time left on golddragon888hans' auction. No one has yet to bid.

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