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Apple fans and vegetarians: A dating site for everyone

Looking online for a date this Valentine's Day? There are lots of dating sites to choose from, reports CBS Radio's Larry Magid.

There's always Facebook or another social network to reach out to a potential date. Some of the more well-known websites for dating, however, are generic ones like,, or the free site, OKCupid.

But, says Julie Spira of, you could also use a specialized site in this estimated $2.1 billion industry.

"There are thousands of sites to pick from right now," Spira said. "So if you happen to love politics, and you are very passionate about your particular party, you can join a niche site like Red State Date or Blue State Date, where you can find like-minded people, where you know you're not going to have an argument about politics on a date."

Or, you can find someone with similar religious beliefs. JDate and Christian Mingle are the dating sites for Jews and Christians. There are also sites dedicated to diet and lifestyle, VeggieDate for vegetarians, or body type, like the Big & the Beautiful. is one of thousands of niche dating sites that have popped up on the web in recent years. is one of thousands of niche dating sites that have popped up on the web in recent years. CBS News/

For those who are looking for others who share even more specific interests, the Atlasphere pairs Ayn Rand fans. And no Microsoft fans are allowed on Cupidtino, which brings together passionate Apple fans. caters to outdoorsy types "because city folks just don't get it."

There are also dating sites based on the type of relationship users are looking for. aims to unite "sugar daddies" with "sugar babies," a.k.a. wealthier gentlemen who are willing to help finance a young woman's bills for companionship.

"There's someone for everyone, and there's a dating site for everyone," Spira told Magid.

Spira says that it's never been easier to find a date, partially because sites like these becoming more and more a part of dating culture.

"The stigma is gone, and we can thank Facebook for a lot of that, because so many singles are logging on to Facebook. At the same time, they'll feel more comfortable going online [to look at dating profiles]," Spira said.

The online dating expert told Magid she'd like to remind online daters to have fun but remember to stay safe - meet at a public place, and tell friends about the date.