Apple App Store exceeds 15 billion downloads

Apple's iPhone: Is a new and improved versioon on the way? So it seems.
CC Jorge Quinteros/Flickr
CC Jorge Quinteros/Flickr

(CBS/AP) - Congratulations are in order for the people at Apple Inc. and the App Store developers who have made them billions of dollars. The Associate Press reported on Thursday that the App Store has exceeded 15 billion downloads.

Apple said more than 200 million of its iOS devices have been sold around the world to people in 90 countries. The figures are said to include the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The company crossed the 10 billion downloads mark in January. There are more than 425,000 paid and free apps available on Apple's App Store, and more than 100,000 were made specifically for the iPad tablet.

The iPhone is widely considered to be a game changer for hand-held devices. It was first released in June of 2007. The iPod Touch followed with a launch in September of 2007. The iPad was launched in April of 2010.