Anvil: Commuter Car Of The Future?

Could a 25-mph electric car be the commuter ride of the future? On Monday, the "Anvil" - a street legal e-car - made its world premiere on The Early Show.

Mike Tomberlin, CEO of the Tomberlin Group, which makes the Anvil, talked to the The Early Show's Dave Price about the new car.

"It is certainly not an egg on the skate board. We pushed the wheels out and gave it an aggressive appearance, big wheels. It worked remarkably well," Tomberlin said of the Anvil, which has a grill reminiscent of a Jeep.

Asked who should be in the market for the small car, Tomberlin said, "It's designed specifically for close-in commuting. There are 15 billion miles traveled by Americans within seven miles of the house. That's what we designed this for. I think it hits the target. We'll let the customer bring it on in to the bull's eye."

Tomberlin says federal law limits the Anvil to 25 miles an hour. "Washington can close their checkbook if they'll help us with some legislation to create a brand new class of commuter-oriented vehicles," he said.

The Anvil is a class of vehicle called a "LSV" - low speed vehicle. "Twenty five miles an hour, can travel on a 35 mile an hour road. Which by the way is about 68 percent of the roads in America," Tomberlin explained.

The base model will go for $16,000, but Tomberlin said there will be lots of special editions, with a wide range of products and features coming.

"The neat thing about the range is the driver's in control. With operator in charge technology, they can adjust it. Do they want more performance, more economy? Even has a boost button anywhere from 30 miles on," he said.

Asked if drivers can pick up an Anvil now, Tomberlin said, "You know, right now we're in the middle of production. Between now and end of the year, they'll be supplied throughout America. We have dealers from coast to coast."

And he said it's the real thing, not science fiction. "We're not selling a dream. We're selling a solution."