Antsy toddler won't buckle up, booted from plane

(CBS/AP) SEATTLE - A 3-year-old boy who refused to use his seatbelt never got off the ground when he and his father boarded an Alaska Airlines flight at an airport in Seattle.

The pilot returned to the gate at Sea-Tac Airport on Saturday and asked the father and the boy to get off.

Alaska Airlines says it was a matter of safety and the pilot would rather deal with it on the ground than in mid-flight.

The father, Mark Yanchak of Everett, told KIRO-FM the crew overreacted. Yanchek also said the airline didn't provide a reason for being kicked out.

"Kids crying, people snoring, large, smelly people, we deal with it, it's normal," he said.

Yanchek said his son was crying and being cranky. "I started putting him in his seat. I put his seatbelt on. But he was being cranky, trying to be close to me, so he wasn't fully fastened yet." He also recalled a lady yelling at the child, which got him more agitated.

He added that after they were off the plane, his son recommended not flying. "I think the whole ordeal just scared him off," Yanchek said. "He didn't want to fly again. He said, 'Dad, let's go home.'"

Alaska Airlines extended an offer to place the family on another flight, but Yanchek commented that he had no wish to fly with them.