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Anti-Coleman Group Calls For FBI, Ethics Probes

A group that has run ads against Minnesota Republican Sen. Norm Coleman is the first organization to publicly request that the FBI and Senate Ethics Committee investigate allegations that a Coleman pal funneled $75,000 to the senator's wife, Laurie.

The Alliance for a Better Minnesota is circulating a petition to request the probes. The alliance cites a pair of lawsuits claiming Nasser Kazeminy forced executives at a firm he runs to pay the cash to the Hays Companies, a Minneapolis insurer that employs the senator's wife.

"These are serious allegations. With all of the news media covering these lawsuits, which state that money was funneled to Norm Coleman, we need to know what actually happened. There should be a thorough, formal investigation," said Denise Cardinal, the groups executive director. "Minnesotans deserve to know the truth."

The FBI and ethics committee have a policy of neither confirming or denying investigations.

A spokesman for Coleman, who is locked in a bitter recount battle against Al Franken, didn't immediately return a call for comment.

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