Westminister Club showcases new breeds at annual dog show

Each year, the backstage area at the Westminister Kennel Club Dog Show in Midtown Manhattan gets a little louder, fluffier and the competition, rougher.

When the show began back in 1877, just 35 breeds competed. Seven new breeds are making their debut at the 140th Annual Westminister Kennel Club Dog Show, bringing the total number to 199. One canine will be crowned the winner Tuesday night from some 3,000 competitors, reports CBS News correspondent Don Dahler.

New Jersey native Sheryl Gaines spent the last 15 years lobbying the Westminister Kennel Club to include Spanish Water dogs.

"It took a lot of hard work but we're here. And it feels very good," Gaines said.

Despite the passion of their owners, some of the new breeds, like the Berger Picard, face an uphill battle gaining recognition.

"There are probably here in the United States maybe about 500," said its owner, Jackie Walker.

Like most competitions, Westminister also comes with familiar favorites.

"Everybody wants to pet a Collie and to love on a Collie and get kissed by a Collie," said Collie handler Jane Hammett Bright.

Rumor, a German Shepard from Wisconsin, drew crowds by her kennel.

"She's got a really super good attitude, she loves the shows, she's got a great personality," said her handler, Ken Boyles.

The legions of dog fans in attendance leave their competitive spirit at home. They just want some face time with their new four-legged friends, including the famous canine companion, Martha Stewart.

"I have shown a couple of times at Westminster -- not this year -- and I have my grandchildren with me today and I want them to learn about the different kinds of dogs and they're fascinated!" Stewart said.

"Whether it's a purebred dog or just your companion dog at home - that bond between dog and man is so important," a judge said. "And then you add competition and applause and glamor, and it doesn't get any better."