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Aniston Brings Glamour To Sundance

The Sundance Film Festival kicked off this weekend with plenty of star power.

Some of Hollywood's finest are hoping to ride the wave of critical and commercial success that so many of the festival's films have enjoyed in the past.

Jennifer Aniston was there on opening night. She made her Sundance premiere three years ago with "The Good Girl." This year she brings her latest independent project, "Friends With Money."

The Early Show entertainment contributor Jess Cagle filled in co-anchor Harry Smith on all the latest from the festival, where

Aniston's new film is generating a lot of buzz.

Another film that's getting major word-of-mouth this year is "Little Miss Sunshine," a new comedy starring Greg Kinnear, Steve Carell and Alan Arkin.

Other big stars with films opening at the festival are Bruce Willis and Lucy Liu, appearing in "Lucky Number Slevin," as well as Justin Timberlake, making his movie debut in "Alpha Dog."

A new 11-disc special edition Sundance Film Festival DVD looks back on some of the most ground-breaking films supported by the Sundance Institute over the years. Cagle spoke about some of the movies included in the collection:

  • Sex, Lies and Videotapes
    One of the first major successes to come out of Sundance and help make it into the forum it is today.
  • Boys Don't Cry
    It was developed at the Institute's filmmaker's lab in 1997 and brought Hilary Swank her first Academy Award.
  • Capturing the Friedmans
    An intense documentary that won the Grand Jury prize in 2003, it was also nominated for a Best Documentary Feature Academy Award.
  • The Usual Suspects
    Debuted at the 1997 festival and won two Oscars.
  • In the Bedroom
    Premiered at the 2001 festival. The $2 million film eventually took in $35 million at the box office and received five Oscar nominations, including Best Picture.
  • Clerks
    Super low budget 1994 film. It won a film-maker's trophy and launched the career of writer/director Kevin Smith.

    Robert Redford started the Sundance Institute 25 years ago, as a nonprofit organization for the arts.

    This year's festival runs until Sunday.

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