Animals a lot like people (in the worst possible way)

(CBS News)  While we just took an amazing look at the majesty of nature, there is also a much darker side to be explored, too. "Wait, did you just angle your horns in my girlfriend's direction? Yeah, that's right, I'm talking to you. What the buck did you just say to me? Oh, it's on now!"

Oh, deer, oh, deer... the bizarre, surreal and very recognizable caught-on-tape moment (especially if you've ever been at a dive bar near closing time) was posted by KELOLAND News who write about the "buckwild fight" between these two animal enemies:

SIOUX FALLS, SD - There's a big herd of deer hanging around right in the heart of Sioux Falls. On any given evening you can see forty or more deer near 41st and Minnesota at Tomar Park. While deer herding up in the winter is nothing unusual, the video attached to this story is. And you will see what happens when deer get mad.
For me, it's the standing on two legs to show dominance that gets me on this one. (Along with ample ability to engage in punnery in my blogging, of course). It just goes to show that humans and animals really aren't that different... in the worst possible way. And to check out more news (or otherwise) clips from KELOLAND News, be sure to visit their YouTube page by clicking here.