'Animal House': Back To The Zoo

It has been 20 years since the "animals" of Delta House introduced America to the joys of toga parties, while making a superstar of the late John Belushi, reports CBS "This Morning" Co-Anchor Mark McEwen.

National Lampoon's Animal House (1978) is considered a comedy-film classic, a fact that does not surprise Karen Allen, who played Katy in the movie.

"It's just that sort of 'kick up your heels, party till you drop' kind of thing," says Allen. "That is a sort of universal experience."

Karen Allen (CBS)
Animal House can be a "universal experience" all over again, now that a 20th anniversary "special edition" video is coming out. The video includes behind-the-scenes footage, and the DVD edition will have an original documentary on the making of the film.

Cast members traded memories at a "class reunion" screening.

John Landis (CBS)
"John [Belushi] and I discussed how to make [the character of Bluto] not just a gross jerk," recalls director John Landis, "and I said, 'He has to be a combo of Harpo [Marx] and the Cookie Monster'."

Stephen Furst, who played Flounder, says he could not stop laughing when he was shooting his final scene with Belushi. (Animal House aficiondos will recall that scene: Bluto tries to cheer Flounder up by such methods as smashing beer bottles over his own head.)

"What you see in the movie was, like, take 18, because I would always burst out laughing," he recalls.

Now that the cast is older and wiser, would they let their own kids see Animal House?

"You know, when your kidsÂ…get to be 13, 14, 15, you'll do anything to get their respect," says James Widdoes, who played frat president Hoover. "So if it takes showing them Animal House, yes!"

Other actors who appeared in Animal House include Peter Reigert, Donald Sutherland, Tom Hulce, Tim Matheson, and Kevin Bacon.