Angry over missing a pot roast dinner, Fla. man attacks father, police say


(CBS) PORT RICHEY, Fla.- A Florida man has been arrested on charges of domestic battery on a person over 65 for allegedly attacking his father in anger over missing a pot roast dinner, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

Edward Morin, 76, told Pasco County sheriff's deputies that his 53-year-old son, Mark, showed up at their house at 8:30 p.m. on Oct. 14 and asked about the pot roast in the oven. 

When Morin told his son that he had missed the meal, Mark Morin became irate and head-butted his father several times before punching him in the chest, where a defibrillator is lodged under the skin, according to a sheriff's report, and then threw the older man into a chair.

Edward Morin got up several minutes later to sweep the floor, the sheriff's report reads, but his son snatched the broom away and used it to poke his father in the chest, the Tampa Bay Times reports. Mark Morin reportedly fled on his bicycle after his father said that he was calling 911.

Morin was arested on Wednesday and taken to the Land O'Lakes jail.