"Angry Birds" maker Rovio announces sequel "Bad Piggies"


(CBS News) Rovio, the company that developed the highly-addictive mobile game series "Angry Birds," announced details for a sequel that would feature little green pigs.

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"Bad Piggies" is coming Sept. 27 to Mac OS X, iOS and Android. Windows 8 and other PC versions will arrive "soon after," the company said on Facebook.

The story behind "Angry Birds" is that green pigs have eaten all of the birds' eggs, causing them to become angry. "Angry Birds" and sequels "Angry Birds Season," "Angry Birds Rio" and "Angry Birds Space" have physics-based gameplay. Players must position the birds, which are nestled in a sling-shot, so that their trajectory will knock down structures that house the green pigs.

"Angry Birds" is such a popular franchise that the AFP called it the "most successful mobile game in history." That's a bold assertion, but the numbers don't lie. When "Angry Birds Space" launched in March, the game rocketed to the top of the App Store's paid apps chart.

There are currently no other details regarding the gameplay of "Bad Piggies," but all promotional materials suggest it will likely be very similar to the rest of the "Angry Birds" series.