Angry Bank of America customer smashes doors, windows, tells cops to arrest him

Scott Olson/Getty Images
An angry Bank of America customer broke doors and windows at a branch in Albuquerque, the called and told police to come and arrest him.
(CBS/AP) ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - An Albuquerque who admits he was fed up with his bank went on a rampage breaking doors and windows at his Bank of America branch, then called the cops to come get him, according to police.

KOAT-TV reports that Charles Scribner reported his crime last week shortly after going on a violent tear at the bank in southeast Albuquerque.

According to the police report, Scribner told police Bank of America had "sold him out" and he became enraged. Scribner admitted he broke out the front doors, shattered a window next to

the inner doors and smashed an upper window.

Authorities say Scribner told a 911 operator to have police come arrest him because he didn't want to have to keep breaking windows.

He was charged with criminal damage.

No details were provided as to how Scribner believes the bank "sold him out."