Anderson: No New News On Me And Tommy Lee

Pamela Anderson and her ex, Tommy Lee, were spotted with their children in Hawaii this week, sparking rumors that they've rekindled their relationship.

But in a posting on her Web site Thursday titled "Hawaii," Anderson writes, it's "only a family vacation. No new news."

The Web site That Other Blog has pictures of the family enjoying their time on the beach.

In March, the former "Baywatch" star wrote on her site that she's working on a friendship with the father of her sons (Brandon and Dylan) and isn't interested in other men.

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Anderson split with rocker Kid Rock late last year and it seems he has moved on, too. He has frequently been photographed with Sports Illustrated model May Anderson.

"We all learn and grow every day," Anderson wrote on on March 18. "My biggest concern has always been my boys — they are completely well adjusted and happy and thriving — their Dad has been in their lives in a productive but small way over the years — I've tried to remarry — move on — like any other single mom I've tried to create a healthy example for my kids always … I have faith that we're heading in the right direction. I'm really not interested in bringing any other men into our lives."

Last month, the former "Baywatch" star also revealed that she plans a return to TV in a show called "Malibu."

"I can't say no to the guys from Baywatch — they are great to my kids — my schedule is built around theirs — just a few days a week — I'm close to home — I love the idea — flamingo kid meets Baywatch — show is called MALIBU. I've come full circle — back to the beach," she wrote.

Content with the new developments in her life, Anderson wrote, "I feel I have my strength back — my health is back on track."