An Unexpected Visitor: Kimberly Dozier

The Washington bureau got a surprise visit today from our colleague Kimberly Dozier, still recovering from her injuries in Iraq.'s Jennifer Hoar has the details.
War zone journalist-heroine, Kimberly Dozier, made a surprise visit to the CBS News Washington bureau today. Looking fashionably dressed and coiffed, you'd never know that Kimberly has been through multiple surgeries and countless hours of physical therapy (and pain!) since being hit by an IED in Iraq last Memorial Day.

Nearly all of the bureau folks emerged from their respective work cubbies to see Kimberly, who said she had stopped by to simply drop off a computer, but was then inundated by well-wishers who were overjoyed to see how well she is doing.

"My doctors say I continue to make phenomenal progress," she explained, "but my physiotherapy is at a crucial stage; I have to train several hours a day to regain full use of my right leg."

She recalled a comical vignette from her training, which involved working out on the elliptical machine. Even when she was already moving, the computer on the machine indicated it was in pause mode or told her, "start your workout."

"One of my greatest victories was to get the elliptical machine to admit I was on it," she joked.

She'll continue her therapy overseas for a couple of months, she says, while waiting for her "next and final surgery."

Already, she's "chomping at the bit to get back to journalism" and plans to work on mapping out stories before she gets back to her usual gig.

In particular, Kimberly said she wants to contact the doctors that took care of her and find out exactly "how I got to where I am today."