An Officer, Gentleman And Singer

James Blunt , In the sound booth at The Embassy studio, Los Angeles.

For 29-year-old British import James Blunt singing is the easy part.

"It is a magical moment when you hear how, how songs have become part of other peoples' lives in that way. And they -- how they do know all the words. It's really incredible," Blunt tells CBS Sunday Morning contributor Tracy Smith.

As he stands center stage singing his heartbreaking lyrics to sold out audiences, his ability to set his private feelings to music has made Blunt one of hottest acts in the country. Talking about his feelings, well, that's another matter.

"Being British, I am emotionally stunted," Blunt laughs. "And find it very difficult to express myself and talk about certain, certain strange subjects like emotions. And, and so yeah, it was very strange to record those and then actually have to play them in public.

Blunt thinks that it is easier, however, to share his private feelings with thousands of strangers.

"The greater the number of people, the, the less intimidating it is because the less concentrated -- it can-- it can feel," Blunt says. "Whereas, if I was to get a guitar right now and play to you, it would be kind of an intense moment. I guess because all that focus would just be on you and me. And that kind of contact and connection in that time. And I think that's, that can be quite intense."

Blunt though demurs when pressed on the label that he is "the most sensitive rock star."

"I don't think any of my ex-girlfriends would describe me as particularly sensitive," he quips. "But, but maybe I shouldn't, shouldn't deny that, and pretend that I am."

Superstar music producer Linda Perry signed Blunt to her label Custard Records.

"James has such a gifted way of telling a story. Because, it's not too complicated, it's very real, it's very honest. His voice, like I want to cry every time I hear his voice," Perry says. "This guy is gonna be around a really long time. This is a classic artist."

His debut album, "Back to Bedlam" has sold over two million copies in the United States since its October release and over nine million copies worldwide.