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Amy Winehouse's last night, in her dad's words

Amy Winehouse's father has revealed new details to Us Weekly about the last night of his daughter's life.

Mitch Winehouse told the celebrity magazine, "She was in her room, playing drums and singing. As it was late, her security guard said to keep it quiet and she did. ... When he went to check on her in the morning, he thought she was asleep. He went back a few hours later. That was when he realized she was not breathing and called for help."

In his eulogy for his 27-year-old daughter, Mitch Winehouse said, "Good night my angel, sleep tight."

With her soulful voice, signature black beehive, and smoky eyes, Amy Winehouse was unmistakably her own - her music, undeniably original.

Pictures: Amy Winehouse 1983-2011

On Tuesday - three days after she was found dead in her townhome - family and friends bid the singer a final farewell at a traditional Jewish service in Northern London. CBS News Correspondent Michelle Miller reported about 100 mourners attended the service, including friend Kelly Osbourne, who reportedly had a long phone conversation with Winehouse the night before she died and was quoted as saying she seemed fine.

Pictures: Amy Winehouse's funeralPictures: Amy Winehouse, 1983-2011

Mitch Winehouse also said Amy was not depressed, but her mother Janis told a British newspaper that her daughter "seemed out of it" the night before she died.

An autopsy did not determine the cause of death, and so far police are describing it as unexplainable. But toxicology tests are continuing with results expected next month.

On stage, Amy Winehouse captivated audiences, winning five Grammy awards in her short-lived career and selling millions of copies of her second of only two albums, "Back to Black."

Simon Vozick-Levinson, associate editor of Rolling Stone magazine, said of the star, "We never quite heard a voice that was quite like that. She really put her own very unique spin on the influences she drew on. ... It was almost a surprise to hear that voice coming out of that person. She's a short white girl from London singing this really deep, profound soul music."

Pictures: Stars mourn Amy WinehousePictures: The death of Amy Winehouse

But offstage, Winehouse publicly battled addiction. Just last month, at a concert in Belgrade, Serbia, Winehouse was reportedly so drunk, her behavior so erratic, that she was booed offstage by angry fans. She was forced to cancel an 11-date European tour.

But regardless of - or maybe because of - her troubles, Miller noted Amy Winehouse sang the blues with a passion so severe that critics say her soulful voice will live on for years to come.

Vozick-Levinson said, "She had she brought a really unique quality to ever song she sang. You know she was one-of-a-kind.