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Amusing video of a girl running a race against her camel

(CBS) - Let's start things off with a bit of fun and the unusual. Watch in the above video as a girl runs a race against her - wait for it - camel! Who do you think will win?

Such an odd, but also very amusing video. The short clip was posted by YouTube user camelsandfriends who writes about it:

Racing with my Camel. Nessie and I have been doing this since she was a couple weeks old. We walk together, then turn around...I say, "Go!" and we run!!! She runs really crazy and I try to stay out of her way. Nessie LOVES to run. And she usually wins... :)

Well Nessie definitely won that race, and I couldn't agree more - she really does run crazy!  But it's just so adorable watching the two of them goofing around, in my opinion.  What did you all think?  Feel free to leave me some comment love below.
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