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America's Next Top Model

This week's episode starts with the normal model smack talking going on.

Melrose is annoying everyone in the house and Anchal is insecure about her body because she is the biggest of all the girls. And by "biggest," I mean size 6!

Canada's "Next Top Model" judge Stacey Mckenzie gives the girls a lesson in high fashion poses with a contortionist. They put them in these '80s "Flash Dance" tights and make them basically do yoga. Work it!

After the lesson, it's back to smack talk again, those silly models.

Melrose is ripping Anchal a new one but this time Anchal actually heard it from the balcony and it didn't sit with her to well. AJ comforts Anchal and tells us how she hates Melrose and her know-it-all attitude.

Looks like Melrose doesn't have much of a fan base in the house but the girl takes a damn good picture.

Twiggy joins the girls for dinner and Tyra stops over to give the girls a pep talk at the house. Maybe they knew the girls need a self-esteem boost.

The challenge this week is for the girls to strike high fashion poses while on blocks in the middle of a party. They must work a high fashion ensemble, hairdo and killer jewelry. Everyone seems to be doing a great job but Eugena does the best out of all of them and wins ALL of the jewelry from the shoot. Nice prize!

The photo shoot this week is one of my favorites. They really came up with original ideas this season so far. The theme is a carnival and every girl is given a carnival freak. AJ is a cannibal, Brooke is "rubber girl," Michelle and Amanda are Siamese twins (shocker), Megg is the bearded lady, Jaeda is the strong woman, Caridee is elephant woman, Eugena is bird lady, Anchal is the giant woman, and Melrose has an old lady face with a young body. Atoosa, the editor in chief of Seventeen magazines, sits in on the shoot with Jay and also is a guest judge on final panel.

The pictures are all very cool but Megg and Jaeda really struggled. It was hard for Megg to break through with the beard, which I can totally understand, and Jaeda was too male with her poses.

But Caridee as elephant woman was AMAZING, my favorite of the night. She straddled this car and worked a parasol, you forgot she even had an elephant nose on.

AJ is not usually my favorite but her cannibal picture was exactly what is should have been. It was scary but sexy at the same time. So it was scary-sexy. (Isn't that a spice girl?) Those two are the standouts for me and the judges.

Megg and Jaeda were in the bottom two and Megg goes home. I think it was a right decision. She looked really uncomfortable and out of place.

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