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AMAZING: Real-life "Mario" film clip plays on the Nintendo classic

(CBS) - Don't tell Nintendo, but we all know what's in those "mushrooms" Mario's been taking all these years. The video game icon gets a comical real-life re-imagining in this fake trailer from the SXSW film festival going on this week in Austin, Texas. From goomba-stomping hero to lovelorn, druggie indie star, this hilarious trailer is so good it makes me wish this was an actual movie.

The video has all the characters from the games you recognize, but is told as the story about a young plumber spiraling out of control as he fights to win back the love of his "princess." The short bumper is so good it's hard to imagine the actual films of SXSW topping it. Too bad it will never be in theaters - I would even shell out plenty of gold coins to go see it. 4 "Stars."

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