"Amazing Race" competitors hurtle towards finale


(CBS News) After traveling across five continents, through 22 cities and almost 40,000 miles, teams are about to reach the finish line on "The Amazing Race."

Sunday's two-hour season finale begins with the remaining four teams in Japan and ends in Hawaii.

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The teams still up for the $1 million prize are: married Army couple Dave and Rachel, dating divorcees Vanessa and Ralph, "Big Brother" duo Brendon and Rachel and border patrol agents Art and J.J.

Team Army has scored the most first-place finishes of the race thus far with six, and are one away from tying the "Amazing Race" record.

Many viewers who followed this season were saddened last week when (SPOILER) after coming in last on two different non-elimination legs, funny and good-spirited Kentucky buddies Bopper and Mark were sent home. With them out of the Race, there is no apparent fan favorite remaining.

A preview for the finale episode shows teams competing on a Japanese game show, taking on one challenge involving jet-skis and another in which teams repel down what looks to be a very tall building.

It also teases that that, for the first time, the finish line will not be the end of the "Race."

Who do you think will win "The Amazing Race"? Watch the preview below, vote in our poll and return here on Monday for a full recap of the two-hour finale.