"Amazing Race:" Competition Heads to Ghana

Andie DeKroon and Jenna Sykes on "The Amazing Race" (CBS)
Andie DeKroon and Jenna Sykes on "The Amazing Race" (CBS)

NEW YORK (CBS) Birth mother-daughter team Andie DeKroon and Jenna Sykes found themselves in last place during Sunday night's episode of "The Amazing Race," making them the second team eliminated from the reality competition series.

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As the teams headed from England to Accra, Ghana, DeKroon and Sykes struggled to bump themselves out of the bottom throughout the entire leg.

This week's Road Block required the teams to join the street venders at Makola Market and sell enough sunglasses to make 15 credis, or $10 U.S. Home shopping hosts Brook and Claire came out in first, followed by father-son duo Mike and Kevin, and Ivy Leaguers Connor and Jonathan.

The teams were later faced with a detour challenge that required them to pick from two choices: "Tune In" and "Check Out". "Tune In," which majority of the teams opted for, ordered the teams to buy a TV antenna system and do a home installation system well enough to get a clear picture. "Check Out" required the teams to transport a gigantic coffin to a local showroom.

After the Detour challenge and a dizzying cab race, Brook and Claire maintained their early lead and were the first team to arrive at the second pit stop, winning a 10-day trip to Hawaii. Beach volleyball players Katie and Rachel come in second, followed by Mike and Kevin.