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Amare Stoudemire's Mom Arrested in Front of Him

Carrie Stoudemire (Scottsdale Police Department)

NEW YORK (CBS) The mother of Phoenix Suns forward Amare Stoudemire was arrested Saturday by Scottsdale, Ariz. police for operating a motor vehicle without an ignition interlock device. The device acts as a breathalyzer and is designed to prevent people who are legally drunk from driving.

According to a police report, Carrie Stoudemire, 54, was stopped Saturday at 3:15 p.m. by an officer who noticed that her Lincoln Navigator was cruising at 60 miles per hour while straddling two lanes.

The officer pulled Stoudemire over and noticed that her license indicated "Interlock device required." But the device was not on that particular vehicle, the report says.

Carrie Stoudemmire stated, "I'm not drunk, I'm on the way to my alcohol class now," but the officer said her eyes were "watery and glassy."

After the officer returned to his patrol car, Stoudemire became indignant and began honking her horn, says the report. She refused to take any of the sobriety tests, crossed her arms, and stated, "Arrest me then if you have enough."

Apparently, the officer had enough and placed a handcuffed Carrie Stoudemire in the back of his car.

That's when the story gets strange.

Two men emerged from a second vehicle. One of them was her son, NBA player Amare.

According to the report, Carrie Stoudemire hollered "I want my son!" and "Amare!" at the top of her lungs. She demanded a lawyer and starting kicking the patrol car.

The officer asked both men to leave because they were causing Carrie Stoudemire to become irate, so they left.

Carrie was transported to jail and issued a citation, according to the report.

According to, it's not the first time Carrie Stoudemire has been in trouble with the law. The stie says she has been in jail dozens of times for charges ranging from drug possession to prostitution.