Allison Coss and John Stamos Picture Exclusive: Mich. Couple Convicted in Stamos Extortion Case

Allison Coss and John Stamos (Personal Photo)

MARQUETTE, Mich. (CBS/AP) Allison Coss and Scott Sippola were found guilty of trying to extort $680,000 from actor John Stamos by threatening to sell old photos of him with strippers and cocaine to the tabloids unless he paid up.

Coss, 24, and Sippola, 31, both of Marquette, were convicted in federal court of conspiracy and using e-mail to threaten a person's reputation - charges that could land them in prison for up to five years.

Police arrested the two in a sting in December at an Upper Peninsula airport after Stamos reported being the victim of an extortion attempt.

Defense attorneys told the jury it wasn't a crime to offer the images to Stamos before going to the celebrity media. FBI agents, however, testified that a search of the couple's home, vehicles and computer failed to turn up any evidence of embarrassing pictures.

the 46-year-old former "ER" and "Full House" star was too late to the courtroom to hear the verdict but was present minutes later when the judge polled each juror, a common step in trials. He smiled, looked relieved, and shook hands with the prosecutors.

Sippola was expressionless while Coss wiped her eyes. Sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 8.

Crimesider has obtained an exclusive photo of the 46-year-old "Full House" and "ER" star and Coss. The photo, found on a social networking page that seems to belong to Coss, appears to show Stamos and Coss hugging for the camera.