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Allergan's Eyelash Enhancer Makes Your Blue Eyes Brown

nightmare_before_christmas_sally.jpgAllergan is hoping to turn its glaucoma drug, Lumigan, into a cosmetic treatment for longer eyelashes. Lumigan is currently approved only for preventing blindness. But it has one very odd side effect: patients' eyelashes become longer when using it.

Unsurprisingly, doctors are already using it off-label for vanity purposes.

And Allergan, as the premier vanity pharma company, isn't going to stand idly by and not turn that into a business.

But, as with all vanity pharma procedures, beauty comes at a price. Check out Lumigan's other side effects: a darkening of the skin pigment around the eyes, red eyes, and a permanent change in eye color (it gets darker).

Yes, you too could look like Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas (particularly if you've also had a little "work" done).

Permanent eye-color changes raise some interesting questions about the future validity of photo I.D., especially for blue-eyed folk. As one of my cosmetic dermatologist sources said upon learning of the effect, "I must tell my mafia clients!"

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