All In The Family

Center, Texas Adopts 70 Troubled Kids

48 Hours presents a several remarkable stories of family love and devotion.

A Family That Plays Together: How did a 5-year-old piano prodigy end up living in a trailer in rural Maine? Meet Noah Gray-Cabey and the rest of his unique, and very musical family.

An Adopting Kind Of Town: Center, Texas is a typical small town. Then one day, residents began adopting scores of troubled children from the city. Why did one town decide to make such a difference?

Tower Twins: For 37 years, the Hoffman twins, Stephen and Gregory, were almost inseparable. When one died in the World Trade Center collapse, the other decided realized he now had two families to take care of - his own and his brother's.

The Jackson 20: Michael and Mary Jo Jackson, who after having seven children of their own, began adopting even more. They have now adopted 11 kids. How do they do it? And why?

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