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Algeria to Qaddafi family: Be quiet or be gone

ALGIERS, Algeria - A Foreign Ministry official says Algerian authorities have warned Muammar Qaddafi's daughter and other relatives they will be expelled from Algeria if they make comments to the media.

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The warning comes days after recorded comments by Aisha Qaddafi were broadcast on Syrian-based TV, and an Algerian newspaper report that alleged some of the deposed Libyan leader's relatives had flown to Egypt.

The ministry official, speaking on condition of anonymity, insisted Tuesday that Qaddafi's relatives remain in Algeria. His wife, daughter Aisha and two sons fled to Algeria after Tripoli's fall late last month.

Aisha said in an audio recording aired Friday on Syrian-based Al-Rai TV that her father was in high spirits and fighting alongside his supporters. The Algerian foreign minister has called such public comments "unacceptable."