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Alan Grayson Again Attacks Daniel Webster on Women's Issues

Just a week after releasing a campaign spotfeaturing disputed information regarding his opponent's positions on women's issues, Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson is out with a new ad that further targets rival Daniel Webster's record on women.

"Daniel Webster's Washington backers are attacking Alan Grayson on women's issues," says an announcer in the ad, before countering with a number of claims regarding Webster's own record in the arena.

"The facts on Webster's record: Fact. Webster sponsored a bill to create a form of marriage that would trap women in abusive relationships. Fact. Webster is an advocate for a group that teaches that mothers should not work outside the home. Fact. Webster's would force victims of rape and incest to bear their attackers child. Those are the facts. Don't let Daniel Webster make the laws that we will have to live with."

Webster spokeswoman Kathy Maers called the accusations "ridiculous and misleading" in a statement. She could not be reached to elaborate further.

Last week, Grayson's campaign released "Taliban Dan," a 30-second advertisement that was controversial not only because it compared the Democrat's opponent to a terrorist, but also because it featured video footage of Webster quoting a passage from the Bible which says wives should submit to their husbands., however, found that the footage had been taken out of context; the full context of the video shows Webster warning husbands against citing that particular passage.

The Grayson campaign dismisses the attacks on the credibility of its ads and says it is committed to exposing Webster's record.

"We want to make sure voters hear about Dan Webster's record on women's issues over his 28-year career, trying to impose his extreme beliefs on Central Florida families," Grayson spokesman Samuel Drzymala told Politico.

Recent efforts by the Grayson camp to call attention to some of Webster's more controversial views, which include opposition to abortion for victims of rape and incest, may have to do with Grayson's difficulties in gaining the support of women.

According to the New York Times, winning over women women may be the bombastic and controversial liberal lawmaker's "greatest challenge" in his reelection fight.

Lucy Madison
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