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Al Zarqawi's Notes Reveal Softer Side

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Numerous handwritten notes by the former al Qaeda leader in Iraq Abu Musaab al Zarqawi and obtained by CBS News reveal a softer side of the famous terror leader. The notes were written by al Zarqawi while in the Balqaa prison in Jordan , in 1998 and included his religious thoughts, poetry and letters addressed to his sister and mother. In one poem written for his sister al Zarqawi says: "If it wasn't for defending the faith, I would've stayed at your feet like a little boy .. gazing into your face and complaining about the time I spent away from you."

Members of Militant Forums Cheer News of Capture of U.S. Choppers

Members of militant Islamist forum members showed excitement on the forums today about reports on the seizure of three U.S. helicopters by the Taliban in Pakistan.

The report, which was aired by Aljazeera, said that the choppers may have already been sold to China and was repeatedly played one Internet forum. Speculations about the value of the deal went from just a few thousand U.S. dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars.

One forum member suggested trading the choppers for weapons of mass destruction from China. Another responded by saying: "Very soon we'll be hearing reports, such as: "The mujahideen seized a U.S. aircraft carrier!!!"