Al Sharpton Dismisses Sitcom Role

The Rev. Al Sharpton gestures while talking with the media following a meeting with the Federal Communications Commission, Thursday, March 24, 2005 in Washington. Sharpton spoke about regulating airplay for music artists who engage in violence.
Al Sharpton, who was previously in talks with CBS to star in a sitcom, says he's not interested in being a TV star after all.

"I haven't done the things I've done to be in a sitcom," Sharpton told the News & Observer of Raleigh, N.C., in Tuesday's editions.

The Democrat, who has run for president, mayor of New York and the Senate, was earlier this month reported to be working with CBS on a pilot tentatively titled, "Al in the Family" — an allusion to the Archie Bunker classic `70s show.

"I'm not interested in being Archie Bunker, I'm looking forward to becoming George Bush," Sharpton said, alluding to a possible future presidential race.

The 51-year-old activist-minister said there had been discussions with Paramount Television, but those talks had ended. The show was to have been about a family with "conflicting social and political views."

  • Stephen Smith

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