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Al Qaeda No. 2 Blames Gaza On Obama

(as Sahab )
Osama Bin Laden's deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri has accused U.S. President-elect Barack Obama of standing behind the killing of Muslims in Gaza, and urged Muslims around the world to wage war and strike against Western interests wherever and whenever they can.

The latest statement from al Qaeda's No. 2 leader came in a new audio tape released Tuesday by the terrorist group's media wing, as-Sahab. The 10-minute tape was titled, "The Massacre of Gaza and the Siege of the Traitors."

Al-Zawahiri began his latest statement by criticizing world leaders, especially "traitor Arabs," over their "silence" regarding the atrocities perpetrated by the Israeli army against Palestinians. He addressed Gazans, urging them to remain steadfast on the path of jihad and reassured them that the entire "jihadi nation" was standing by their side.

He attacked Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak; "At the time when Israeli warplanes are pounding Gaza from the air, he orders his forces to close the border, thus completing the plan aimed at killing Muslims in Gaza."

The al Qaeda figure urged Egyptian Muslims to "organize and take part in a relentless campaign of strikes and protests until the siege imposed on our people in Gaza is lifted," promising that "the criminal traitor Hosni Mubarak will certainly give in."

Al-Zawahiri reiterated Bin Laden's long-standing vow that al Qaeda will not "let America dream of security until we live it in reality in Palestine and all the lands of Islam."

He told Palestinians that they were the victims of the Western Crusades against Islam. "Those raids are a gift from Obama to you before he assumes office."

Then, al-Zawahiri diverted his attention to Mr. Obama, reminding Muslims around the world that they shouldn't be fooled by the President-elect.

"Here is Obama, the man that the American propaganda machine tried to portray as the savior who would alter America's policies. Here he is, killing your brothers and sisters in Gaza, with no mercy nor compassion."

Bin Laden's deputy then turned to all the people angered by the scenes of Israeli killings in Gaza, telling them that their protests and demonstrations are not enough. "Our Islamic anger could turn into an effective response that would shake the Zionist Crusader coalition."

He urged Muslims around the word to "strike against the interests of the Zionist Crusader campaign wherever you can."

The speech was played over a background presentation of two pictures; one showing al-Zawahiri dressed in a traditional white Jilaba and turban, the other showing a Palestinian child apparently killed in the recent fighting.

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