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Al Qaeda Calls for Attacks Against the West In New Tape

(As-Sahab media)
Al Qaeda threatened more attacks against the West, particularly Denmark, in a new video that included a statement by the suicide bomber who allegedly carried out the attack against the Danish embassy in Islamabad last June killing six people.

Al Qaeda's commander in Afghanistan Mostafa Abul Yazid is seen on the 54-minute video calling on Muslims living in the West to wage a war in the countries where they live in. "We call upon the Muslim youth in the West to fear God and retaliate on behalf of their prophet against the enemies of Islam and Muslims in whose midst they live," said Abu al Yazid. "Brothers and sisters in Islam, there is no excuse for your remaining among the unbelievers, unless you join the caravan of jihad," he added.

There were reports that Abu al Yazid was killed in a strike last July. It is unclear when the tape, which was posted on militant Islamist Internet forums Friday, was made and it's therefore hard to determine whether it provides proof that Abu al Yazid was still alive. The most recent date reference in the tape is July 7, 2008 which marks the suicide attack on the Indian embassy in Kabul mentioned by Abul Yazid.

Abu Al Yazid also warned that the attack on the embassy is just the beginning if the Danish did not end their "errant ways and aggression." Al Qaeda figures released several statements in the past attacking Denmark for allowing the publication of cartoons that mocked Prophet Mohammad.

Also appearing on the video was a man identified as the Saudi suicide bomber who carried out the attack on the Danish embassy. Kamal Saleem al Hazly, who is also known as Abu Gharib al Makki according to the tape, talked about his motivations for carrying out the attack, praising those who helped him get there and urging Muslims to donate money to the militants. Al Makki then appeared next to the vehicle purportedly used in the attack. He threatened the Danish of more attacks.

Al Makki threatened the Danish of more attacks. "My final message to the worshippers of the cross in Denmark, I tell them this is not the last retaliation, and God permitting Sheikh Osama bin Laden will not forget about you," he said, "God willing, we will wipe you off the face of the earth."

The video did not include any footage of the actual attack on the embassy, but graphic animation was used to indicate how the attack took place, followed by aftermath news coverage pictures.

A major part of the video was dedicated to arguing that Muslims were persecuted and humiliated and giving examples that included the cartoons mocking Prophet Mohammed in Danish papers in 2005. The video also launched a scathing attack on the Saudi royal family and the Saudi monarch in particular, accusing him of inventing a new religion that seeks to get the seal of approval of "the Jews and the Crusaders" to replace Islam.

The video, which was produced by al Qaeda's mouthpiece As-Sahab, is titled: "The Talk is That of the Swords."