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Al Libi Urges Jihad Against Newly Elected President in Somalia

Senior al Qaeda leader Abu Yehya al Libi, called the newly-elected Somali President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed "a traitor and a conspirator" and urged militants to attacks his regime. The statement came, in a new video tape released by al Qaeda's media wing As Sahab on a number of militant Islamist Internet forums Friday.

"The enemies of Islam wanted you to approve the establishment of a secular state that they decorated with the appointment of a traitor and an conspirator from those who altered what's best with what's worst," al Libi said, adding that the new Somali government was nothing but another example of the U.S.-made administration model applied in Afghanistan. He compared the new Somali president to Afghani President Hamid Karzai and referred to Washington's approval of the new president as evidence of him being a traitor.

Al Libi also hailed the Islamist militants' "victory" over Ethiopian forces in Somalia and told them they've achieved such victory through their jihad and sacrifices and not through the United Nations or any other foreign intervention.

The Libyan al-Qaeda ideologue told jihadi leaders in Somalia not to drift from their initial ultimate goal, which is the establishment of an Islamic State governed by Islamic law. He stressed that they have to continue the fight until this goal is achieved.

Al Libi also called for attacks against peacekeeping forces present in Somalia, arguing that they constitute an occupation force that is just as bad as any other western occupation. "Continue to wage your campaigns against the Ugandan forces that are occupying your land and make them taste what you already inflicted upon the Crusader-Ethiopian forces. Kill them wherever you find them."

By urging a fight against the new Somali government, al Libi silenced jihadi voices who called for "giving a chance" to the former militant leader of the Islamic Courts Union. Shortly after Sheikh Ahmad's nomination, four Somali factions, including the militant Shabab al Mujahideen movement, announced the formation of a common front to fight Ahmad's regime under the name of "The Islamic Party." Other factions however were more indecisive with some voicing support to Sheikh Ahmad such as, including Jamaat al Sunna wal Jamaa, the Islamic Courts Union and the Muslim Brotherhood.

This is the second video appearance by al Libi this week and the fourth in 2009. Earlier in January, he issued a message where calling for attacks on Britain and other Western countries. Last week he appeared along with other top al-Qaeda leaders in a video tape paying homage to slain al Qaeda commander, Abu Laith al Libi.

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