Aisha Tyler In 'Ghost Whisperer'

In its first season, the CBS series "Ghost Whisperer" has developed a loyal following on Friday nights. Jennifer Love Hewitt plays the role of a young woman with the unique ability to deliver messages from beyond the grave to loved ones on earth. Aisha Tyler co-stars as Hewitt's supportive and funny best friend.

Tyler joined The Early Show and described her character as, "the person who is like, 'I'm sorry, we're talking to who just now?'…She's the girl who kind of asks all the questions that the audience is asking. She loves her and she supports her," she told co-anchor Harry Smith. "They have a real friendship and they really love each other. Obviously, it's hard when you're a crazy ghost-talking lady to talk to people. So it's nice to have somebody in your life who believes you."

In tonight's episode, Hewitt starts to have some doubts about her gift, and Tyler explained why. "Her whole life, she's been driven by this gift," she said. "It's been a blessing and a curse. You know, when you're a little kid and everyone else is talking to their real friends and you're talking to your imaginary friend ... it's really very difficult. So she's kind of someone who will always wish that she didn't have this gift."

Musing over why the series has been such a hit, Tyler said, "It's got all the elements of every kind of entertainment form that you love. It's scary. It's spooky. It's funny. There's an emotional core ... The show really isn't about ghosts. It's about kind of living your life to the fullest, because you don't know how much time you have left."

And for Tyler, life has been full indeed. She studied at Dartmouth, intending to be an entertainment lawyer, then launched a career as a stand-up comedian and an author. Her problem is finding time to devote to her many interests, in addition to starring in "Ghost Whisperer."

"I am a workaholic," she confessed. "It's very, very hard. You kind of have to sneak it in on the side."

You can catch "Ghost Whisperer" tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.