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Airlines' Holiday Surcharge Extends to Memorial Day

Previously BNET reported that several airlines, namely Delta, US Airways, American, Northwest, Continental and United, were going to add a $10 surcharge per flight for passengers traveling on the high-demand days of Nov. 29 and Jan.2 and 3. But now, new reports state the holiday fees will also affect more dates in the coming year -- Nov. 30; Dec. 19, 26, and 27; March 14, 20, 21, 28; April 11; and May 28. AirTran Airways has also joined in the charging.

As you can see, the surcharge has now extended from Thanksgiving all the way to Memorial Day, so airlines can increase their revenue stream all the way into the second quarter of 2010. Since I was never a big fan of any of the above airlines, I'm not feeling unappreciated or ill-used. However, if I were, I would be getting some seriously disloyal feelings right now. I'm half-expecting to see $10 weekend flight fees from these airlines.

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