After 7 weeks, Occupy still going strong

Protesters affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement march across the Burnside Bridge as part of several activities planned today in Portland, Ore., Saturday, Oct. 29, 2011.
AP Photo/Don Ryan

The economic protest movement that claims to represent 99-percent of Americans shows little sign of slowing down this weekend.

Stormy weather kept "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations quiet in New York, but not in the rest of the country.

Correspondent Rick Sallinger of station KCNC in Denver reports that protesters in that city have occupied a park right in front of the state capitol.

"I want things to change in the Congress," said Michael Misenti, an Occupy Denver protester. "I want the President's jobs bill to pass."

The demonstration in Denver has calmed down from the chaos of the day before.

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Police arrested 20 protestors Saturday after they marched onto the capitol grounds and ignored orders to leave.

"They pushed one of the motorcycle police officers to the ground and also kicked a couple other officers," said Lt. Matt Murray, a Denver police spokesman.

Denver police used pepper spray to disperse the crowd.

Entering its seventh week, the Occupy Wall Street movement is holding its ground from coast to coast, and Denver is not the only city where protestors are clashing with police.

In Portland, Oregon, police arrested 30 protestors Sunday after they marched from downtown to one of the city's more affluent neighborhoods -- the Pearl district -- and refused to leave.

In Austin, Texas, police arrested 38 protestors overnight while enforcing a new rule banning food tables on city hall plaza.

In Spokane, Washington, this weekend, protestors took their complaints to the doors of Bank of America.

While in Oakland, protestors that were chased away by police and tear gas earlier this week have returned with their tents in front of city hall.