Advertising in China Outpaces World by 400%

China Advertising Image by yakobusanThe 20% annual growth of the advertising sector in China (compared with a global 5% average) caught the eye of marketing giant Publicis Groupe. In July of this year, they purchased China's biggest digital marketing agency for an undisclosed bag o' cash.

What do they plan to do with this valuable new asset? In short: Serve each of us personalized ads they know we want to see (1984 did call, but it doesn't want its ads back). In the NY Times piece, Publicis intimates its (best of) intentions. They plan to serve us the personalized ads we all enjoy from a Google search while still serving the brand & messaging quality one would expect from a full-service agency.

How is this voodoo magic done? Using overseas labor, they'll churn out thousands of ads for a single brand. Combine the menagerie of ads with the brainpower of an algorithm based on all of our browsing habits and shazam! Before you know it, you clicked on something you probably didn't want to, or maybe you did... who's to know?

China Advertising Image by yakobusan