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Adorable pig blocks traffic in Maine, this week on The Feed!

This week's most popular viral videos include a homemade luge track, a pig blocking traffic, an unskippable commercial, electrical wiring gone wrong, a fake Oscar winner and an incredibly talented archer.

First up, winter weather has already dumped some serious snow. In some areas, enough to build a homemade luge track, like the one in this video from Joseph Colangelo.

Jamie Smith captured this video of an adorable pig blocking traffic in Bradford, Maine. Warning: contains some NSFW language.

GEICO Insurance is known for their humorous, quirky commercials. This extended cut of a 10 second commercial goes on for almost an entire minute. It's simply a dog eating a family's spaghetti dinner while they try to stay perfectly still, but it tickles the funny bone.

Sometimes, when you don't know exactly how to solve a problem, it's best to hire professionals. As Daniel Willey's sister and husband found out, electrical wiring is definitely one of those problems. Now, their hair dryer controls the lights in the room but doesn't actually blow out air.

Mark David Christenson pulls off one heck of a prank in this video from NewMediaRockstars. He walks around Hollywood in a tuxedo with fake Oscar on the night of the Academy Awards. He then uses his fake achievement to get free movies, free drinks, free food, entrance to VIP parties and restricted areas at the actual awards -- even someone else's BMW!

And, Destin, with the YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay, introduces the world to Byron Ferguson, whom he calls the world's best archer. Mr. Ferguson puts his skill on display in this video, hitting a variety of seemingly impossible to hit moving targets -- the most impressive of which being an aspirin tablet.

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