Acid Attack Hoax: Cops Say Bethany Storro Did it to Herself

Bethany Storro (CBS/AP)
Acid Attack Hoax: Cops Say Bethany Storro Did it to Herself
Bethany Storro (CBS/AP)

VANCOUVER, Wash. (CBS/AP/KOIN) Bethany Storro, scarred by acid, told reporters that she wanted to find her assailant and ask: "Why?"

That's the question many would now like to ask Storro, herself.

PICTURES: Bethany Storro, Acid Attack Victim

Storro, the Washington State woman who claimed a random assailant had thrown acid on her face, broke down Thursday, and admitted to police that the "attack" was self-inflicted.

Investigators wouldn't say why the 28-year-old burned herself with acid, but Vancouver Police Chief Clifford Cook said Storro was "remorseful" when they spoke with her Thursday morning, after serving a search warrant at her home.

Local authorities began the search for the alleged attacker after Storro claimed an African American woman approached her Aug. 30 outside a Starbucks in downtown Vancouver and asked, "Hey pretty girl, want something to drink?," before she throwing acid in Storro's face.

After the incident, Storro's story received worldwide attention, and letters and e-mails poured in from around the nation for the supposedly optimistic Vancouver victim. Storro even booked an interview on "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

However, during the course of questioning Storro's tale began to come undone. The police chief cited "several discrepancies" regarding the alleged attack, which led police to search her home Thursday and interview her.

Storro's story shocked Vancouver residents and exhausted the city's small police department. "It's been hundreds of hours," said Vancouver police Commander Marla Schuman regarding the time dedicated to the investigation. "It really took a toll on the department and the resources that we have." Schuman also mentioned detectives were working on a way to return any money donated to Storro.

Cook said any decision to charge Storro with a crime would be up to the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, but she could possibly face a charge of filing a false police report, according to Schuman.

Storro's inverview on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" has been canceled.

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