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Abbott Developing Painkiller Spray for Dogs

Abbott Labs is developing a painkiller spray for pet dogs, the company said. In a partnership with Velcera, Abbott is in clinical trials to bring Promist to market.

Promist is a transmucosal mist that is sprayed directly into a dog's mouth. An NSAID painkiller is then absorbed through the animal's cheek. The company said:

In addition to convenience for pet owners, Promist technology has several other advantages such as increased dosing confidence, faster absorption than delivery with a tablet or liquid and less concern with food interactions.
Anyone who has ever tried to get a dog to swallow a pill will be interested in trying this drug. Here's what it's like:

You show the hound two treats and give him one. Then you show him the pill. Then you jam your fingers into the sides of his jaws to get him to open up, and drop the pill as far back on his tongue as you can. Then you hold his mouth shut and begin a standoff in which the dog holds the pill in its mouth, refusing to swallow, even while you're holding his snout closed. Dog eyes you suspiciously.

If he's really clever, he'll pretend to swallow, at which point you say "Good boy!" and then he hacks up a slimey pill onto your kitchen floor.

Repeat process until the dog gives in, and finally reward him with the second treat.

If Abbott makes the spray taste of bacon, it's a surefire winner.

Image: The Fun Times Guide.

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