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A Year after Haiti Quake, Shelter, Safety Remain Elusive

Sandy and Wood

This story was written by CBS News Radio correspondent Peter King

This is the one year mark of the earthquake, and I'm wondering how much you'll actually be paying attention today. This milestone is hardly below the radar for us at CBS Radio News - that's why I'm in Haiti - but it's not quite top of mind. Last weekend's horrific events in Tucson have pretty much knocked everything else off the map, as they should have.

Haiti: The Road to Recovery

But people like Sandy have me hoping you won't forget about Haiti. Sandi lives in a tent, with her parents and her five-month-old son, Wood, in a huge public park near the Presidential Palace in Port Au Prince. She's been living there for nearly a year. The tent is the only home Wood has ever known, and it's likely to be for a while.

Sandy has thousands of neighbors. She says she has plenty of water every day and an indoor shower. That's the good news; the bad news is that Haiti's intense heat makes her tent unbearable during the day. Cooking on a makeshift stove makes it worse. The "neighborhood" is dangerous, with men often assaulting the women - sometimes with their fists, sometimes sexually. She's sometimes afraid to go outside, and doesn't want to raise her son here. All she asks for is someplace safe to live.

There are about a million other Sandys around Haiti. Please remember them as they start their second year without real homes.

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