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A whimsical journey with a photographer in Norway

(CBS News) Even if you're passionate about your work (like your blogger here), everyone needs to take a break from time to time. This may actually shock you, but I sometimes go whole weekends without watching a single cat video. (Gasp!) But the photographer in the video above decided to take a break from his work to create an epic work. You really need to watch this.

The whimsical journey through Norway is entitled "Why I shoot Lights at night" and was created by film-maker, photographer and cinematographer Toby Lockerbie who writes:

A mini doc, though perhaps unusually told. It's about my recent trip to Norway, some of the same footage as my previous video but this one explains a little about why I go away once a year to film something tricky.
Unusually told? Yes. Totally brilliant? Without a doubt! There are no triple-rainbow salutes high enough to express my personal love for this passion project, so I'm going to break out something I've never done before: a quadruple-rainbow salute of quirky, storytelling excellence! And to check out more amazing work by Toby Lockerbie, be sure to visit his website by clicking here.
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