A Web Of Creatures

Parrots, Dolphins And Even Robotic Pets

The Web has thousands, if not millions, of sites devoted to animals. Below are a few that relate to those featured on "Something Wild."

Vital Ground: If you're interested in finding more information about Bart the Bear or about Vital Ground, the related organization that tries to protect grizzlies and their habitat, this site is the place to go.

African Parrot Society: If Alex, the "Einstein of Parrots," featured on a 48 Hours segment, sparked your interest, this Web site is a good place to learn more. The site provides a thorough breakdown of each African parrot species, with articles, pictures, range maps and links.

Bird On! This site presents a wealth of information, including a book of bird portraits, photos and sketches, as well as a series of news articles, a comprehensive bird encyclopedia and a dictionary.

VetInfo.com: VetInfo.com is a thorough resource of information about common household pets. Perhaps its greatest asset is the Encyclopedia of Canine Veterinary Medical Information, with a breakdown of many dog disorders, drugs and diseases.

Pet Behavior Resources: If your pet has a behavior problem, check this Web site. Unique categories, such as How Dogs Think and Case of the Month, make this a distinctive resource. Also the puppy diagnosis and treatment service and the separation anxiety brochure are very helpful.

Elephant Acoustics Research: If you want to learn more about Katy Payne's research into elephant communication, described on 48 Hours, this is a good place to start.

The Official AIBO Site: Find out more about Sony's Entertainment Robot. Should you plunk down thousands for a dog that won't even eat out of the garbage?

About Dolphins: This page, presented by the Dolphin Research Institute, offers a basic primer on dolphins. For example, a dolphin's age can be determined by counting the growth rings on its teeth. This site offers an essay on the possibility that dolphins and humans are equals; at the bottom, it has a long list of dolphin links.

The World Wildlife Fund: The wildlife fund is dedicated to preserving all kinds of animals, including tigers, rhinos, pandas and cheetahs. Learn more about endanered species at its Web site.

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