A Volvo By Women, For Women

To paraphrase another company's commercial, it is not your father's Volvo. In fact, it isn't even your mother's Volvo. But, it could have been designed by your sister.

It is the first car designed almost completely by women, reports CBS News Correspondent Richard Schlesinger.

"Do you worry about this being seen as a girl's car," he asked Tatiana Butovitsch Temm.

"You haven't seen it -- possibly, but when you look at it most people say 'Wow this is a cool car,'" replied the Volvo communications manager.

It's called the "YCC" for "your concept car." The concept is to make driving softer, safer and simpler. The car will probably never be produced, but Volvo thinks some features could be available in other models. The doors open wide enough to get in and out easily. And the headrests can accommodate ponytails.

"It creates a comfort zone for people who have their hair tied back," said YCC interior designer Cynthia Charwick. "It's angled so it's kind of like you can turn your head."

Electronic sensors help with parallel parking, something some men could also use. There are dent resistant rubberized bumpers - in case the parking doesn't go so well.

Volvo's team of designing women might be a new idea, but it's not a particularly risky one. The company says in the U.S. women purchase 54 per cent of its cars. No company can afford to ignore that kind of buying power.

"Companies should be genuflecting to this market is the bottom line," said women's marketing analyst Marti Bertella. "Women are picky and women notice more detail."

So in this car you can change the upholstery to fit the season -- or your mood.

"So you can redesign the interior of your own?" asked Schlesinger.

"Yes you can. It's a bit like a living room, you know."

Volvo is showing off it's women's car, making the rounds of the auto shows to prove designing a car doesn't necessarily make it, manmade.