A very special Friday music round-up addition (to up your ante before the Labor Day weekend)

(CBS News) It's the Friday before a long Labor Day weekend, so did you really think we were all done with the music yet? No way! And to honor the upcoming holiday weekend, we're taking a moment to recognize two sets of musical talents that have been featured here on The Feed multiple times in the past because they're both pretty awesome, and will probably continue to be featured here in the future. We kick things off with one of The Feed's favorites: cdza!

This new piece of brilliant work entitled "8 Milestones in Recorded Sound" by cdza (short for Collective Cadenza) is an actually very educational stroll down some of the pivotal points of history in terms of the ever-changing musical landscape and technology. They write about their latest:

From Edison to T-Pain: cdza co-founder Matt McCorkle goes over the ways in which recording methods have changed, as we hear how music sounded like in each era.

And to end on the right musical note before you get ready to usher in the weekend, we have the latest music video from a talented, young musician we've featured here on The Feed twice before: Antoniette Costa. Her brand-new music video for the song "Zingara" is a very chill groove that just screams out for you to enjoy the long weekend, and also features music newcomers here to The Feed, Judy Kang and George "Spanky" McCurdy. Go ahead and take a look and listen to Antoniette Costa's latest and I hope everyone has an amazing Labor Day weekend!