Beatboxing cellist and singer/songwriter team up again to make beautiful music together

(CBS) - So about three months ago I posted a video of amazing beatboxing cellist Kevin "K.O." Olusola performing a song with equally amazing singer/songwriter Antoniette Costa to make some beautiful music together.

At the time I recommended that the two team up again on another collaboration in the future with how well it had turned out and - wait for it - they listened! Check out their latest collaboration together along with the new addition of pianist/violinist Tara Kamangar.

Okay, so maybe they didn't listen specifically to me, but I'm still so happy they decided to come together again on another amazing piece. Olusola writes about this latest work:

I worked with my friend Antoniette Costa again to produce another original she wrote called "Stranded". The song was inspired by the novel "Rebecca" by Daphne Du Maurier. This time we added Classical Pianist and Violinist Tara Kamangar to the team. We hope that you like our video!

Well, we here at The Feed definitely do like it and hope to see even more collaborations by these three now in the future! To check out more you can go to Olusola's website here, Costa's website here and Kamangar's website here.

UPDATE: And unbeknownst to this blogger, who was shockingly without Internet and television for the past week, Olusola just won NBC's "Sing Off" on Monday - a big congratulations goes out to Kevin for what-must-be a truly amazing week!