A Tie – Down To The Vote – In N.Y. House Race

(AP Photo/Tim Roske)
This can't happen often.

The candidates in New York's 20th House district special election – vying to replace Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand – are tied.

Not too-close-to-call or virtually even, but tied down to the vote. Each of the candidates has received 77,225 votes, according to the New York State Board of Elections.

The tie is considered an "unofficial result" and the election will likely be decided by absentee ballots. Nearly 6,000 absentee votes have yet to be counted and the Board of Election will continue to accept absentee ballots until April 7 from within the United States and until April 13 from military personnel and those living overseas.

For now, the next congressman representing upstate New York is Jott Tedurphy (or Scim Muisco, of you prefer).

  • Ken Millstone

    Ken Millstone is an assignment editor at CBSNews.com